1. Track, Map and measure everything on your worksite.
  2. AerroMetry provides you a customized cloud based platform in order to mange the worksite. With the AerroMetry Tools you can do the major tasks within a click. The survey work of 100acres can be done in few minutes. Contours can be made and plotted in fraction of seconds. Kepping the track of materials on the worksite has never been easier. With machine learning and AI you are able to predict the future outcomes of the material available on the worksite and the challanges to be ready for.
  3. It also helps to connect the office team with field team. You can assign the task get them completed and actually track the progress on orthomoziacs. AerroMetry is far beyond the conventional technologies and we are proud to have lead of 3years in the indian market. The major global brands trust AerroMetry. Call us today to get more details about our products.
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